Therapy Business Services

Deborah Horton, M.Ed., LCPC, LPSC, NCC offers a variety of therapy business services to therapists practicing in Montana. Whether you are looking to start a private practice as a candidate licensed therapist or fully licensed therapist or you just need help with credentialing and billing, Deborah can help make operating your therapy business more streamlined and less stressful.

Clinical Supervision Services

Clinical supervision is offered to candidate licensed therapists in Montana on either an hourly basis or as part of an Independent Contractor in setting up and operating a private practice as a candidate licensed therapist.

Private Practice Start-Up/Insurance Credentialing Services

Private practice start-up and insurance credentialing services for licensed therapists or candidate licensed therapists in Montana. These services include options for insurance credentialing, website creation and marketing including social media accounts, as well as mentoring services.

Therapy Billing Services

Therapy billing services for insurance payments are offered for fully licensed LCPC (licensed clinical professional counselor) in Montana.

To inquire about any of these therapy business services, email Deborah Horton for more information.